Why do I repeat training for six years?

A couple issues popped up yesterday during class, but I didn’t go deeply into them. My intention for this week is to tap on raw sensations and not look for traumas or stories. My unconscious mind knows what the raw sensations are connected to and it can heal without me consciously knowing the memories. I’ve... Continue Reading →

Basking In Bliss

After waking up from a dream where I was flying, I basked in the peaceful bliss in bed and remembered this is the same way I felt when I went to sleep. Pam’s session was exactly what we both needed. The end was a wonderful blissful positive state that we recorded so we can both... Continue Reading →

I see clarity in my holistic Being.

I am not responsible for what anyone else feels, thinks or does. I don’t have that kind of power. I am here to BE Grace, share my experience, strength and hope holistically with the world. I can no longer keep my light under a shroud of silent darkness.

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